I will send you previews of the image via St.ash as it progresses and you will be able to request changes. The first stage is the rough draft stage, and at this point you can ask for large edits. Afterwards, small changes can be made throughout the process. DRASTIC changes requested after the rough draft will result in an extra fee, so it is best to make sure you are happy with the general look of the image at that point.
When your image is completed you will be supplied with the full resolution 300PPI JPG or PNG.

By Commissioning me, you are complying to the Terms of Agreement:
• Do not redistribute, reproduce, or otherwise use any parts of the image for personal profit (i.e. selling it in any form whether digitally or physically) – with the exception of work specifically commissioned, and with previous consent, for commercial use.
• Personal use of the image is allowed, i.e. desktop image, sharing with friends, etc. Re-uploading to your personal DA or other online gallery, or use in web layouts, sites, blogs, signatures, or avatars is also permitted so long as a link to my page ( is shown near or on the image.
• The artwork will be copyrighted to myself. You may not claim the artwork as your own. Original characters will still hold the copyright of the original creator/owner.
• I reserve the right to refuse your commission for whatever reason should I wish.
• I reserve the right to use any images in personal portfolios or advertising material. I will only create prints or other merchandise of the image with your permission.

Please be aware that I will not do:
• Sexual or erotic themes or fetish themes of any kind.
• Excessive violence/gore. Within reason, wounds, blood, bruises, etc. is agreeable
• Racist, hate or any other kind of image that may insult a certain targeted audience.

Depending on the image, commissions may take from 7-14 days. Complex commissions may take 14 or more days. Please allow up to a month for a commission to be completed. If you need a commission done in a certain time frame, please discuss it with me beforehand. If for any reason I am not able to complete a commission within a reasonable time, you will be contacted.